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Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Jan 25, 2022

Hi, I'm the Profit Answer Man Rocky Lalvani!

I help small business owners simplify their financial reports so that they can make more informed business decisions with fewer hassles. We utilize the Profit First system created by Mike Michalowicz

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Bio: Recognized internationally as a premier thought leader & practical strategist who delivers proven net profit & gross margin gains in today's highly commoditized price-driven markets. Mark's passion is inventing exceptional business models, playbooks, and practices so a business can excel to its' fullest potential.

Thousands of business owners and key managers have attended his seminars, workshops, conferences, and trade gatherings worldwide for more than four decades. More than 500 feature articles, columns, research pieces, and white papers published worldwide and five internationally recognized and awarded papers.
Mark works with owners and their management teams active in their $1MM - $100MM businesses. Clients are in specialty & digital graphics, manufacturing, fabrication, wellness, call center, and industrial sectors.



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Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.