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Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Oct 24, 2023

Title: Ep 186 Building a Strong, Profitable Foundation for Your Business with Tomas Keenan

 Tomas Keenan's journey is a testament to transformation, shifting from a custom car audio installer to a visionary CEO. Co-founding a pioneering GPS Tracking and Dashboard Camera installation company, he propelled it to a remarkable 7-figure enterprise. Expanding his horizons, Tomas transitioned into a high-impact business and success coach, guiding industry leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs. Relocating from bustling NYC to dynamic Dallas, Tomas fully embraced his latest venture, the Step It Up Academy. Armed with profound insights, he empowers entrepreneurs to surmount challenges using his wealth of knowledge.

 Tomas's journey garnered recognition in esteemed industry publications like Forbes, Mobile Electronics Magazine, and more. A sought-after public speaker, he captivates audiences, sharing his experiences as a 2X bestselling author and the host of the Step It Up Entrepreneur Podcast. At the heart of Tomas's success is incremental progress, a philosophy he ardently embraces. Each step, regardless of scale, is pivotal—a perspective he generously shares with his audience.

 In this episode, you will learn the following: 

        Gain valuable knowledge on how to establish a strong foundation for the success of your business endeavors.

        Develop a comprehensive understanding of how effectively managing operations and finances can set the stage for business expansion.

        Discover the strategies for effectively identifying and targeting the ideal customer base by leveraging the power of psychographics.

        Understand the essential role of a COO or integrator in the growth and progress of a company.

        Utilize your innate abilities to drive the growth of your business.


 Website: http://www.stepitupaca






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